Data-driven branded conversations, at scale

Today's most engaging conversations are sparked by celebrities. We can help you cut through the noise by matching your brand with the right celebrities.

Match Me Up! Discover which celebrities speak to your target audience.
  • Celebrity Activation

    Learn how to prospect, retarget, and conquest with our Q-score. Discover which celebrities will help position your brand to successfully hit on all campaign objectives.

  • Our Platform

    Simplify social, at scale. Execute your social campaigns with all brand ambassadors aboard in one unified approach: Target, execute, measure, rinse, and repeat for consistent results.

  • Data

    Take the guessing game out of celebrity activations by basing future campaigns on historical performance data coupled with our proprietary machine learning algorithms in social.

We create and amplify branded social content
at scale
, reaching millions of potential customers across all social networks.

We spark authentic conversations between celebrities and their fans about _________________

We measure the reactions and behaviors of consumers for more efficient targeting and optimization.

We have the largest network of celebrity publishers in digital

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Meet the Team.

Walter Delph CEO

Ronette Kite COO

Tal Pink Head of Product

Johnny Shin Head of Sales


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